Vibration Testing Equipment

The company is committed to the study of mechanical testing, Members from the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Measurement Technology Development Center vibration field. In view of the domestic demand for vibration equipment, mostly dependent on foreign imports, resulting in that equipment costs are often too high, and the efficiency of after-sales service is not obvious. In the year 1995 we established the Vibration Source Technology Co., Ltd., to serve variety of the domestic advanced technology, electronics industry, aerospace industry and vehicle components industry.
Applications Vibration instrument vibration testing laboratory through the TAF evaluation, certified by the certification has reached international standards, and with 58 countries around the world,71 accredited laboratories have technical equivalence. more
Vibration Analysis Equipment
VIBSOURCE provides special customized test machine to meet all kinds of test requirements and fixture conditions.
Vibration Testing Services
Customer Cases
VIBSOURCE, a leading shock and vibration testing equipment suppliers and manufacturers in Taiwan. Except regular products we provide OEM services.
Vibration Measuring Instruments
We provide a variety of vibration testing machine, including electrodynamic shaker, vibration shaker, shock test machine, drop test machine…
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